Why commission a custom-painted pet portrait?


If you want your dog, cat, or other pet to brighten your home as a piece of art you’ll cherish for years, the internet offers a ton of options. The whole landscape of pet portraits can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for—or precisely what you’re looking at.

The internet offers digital portrait options galore, either on private websites like mine or on Etsy. And by the way, digital doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not custom, or even that it isn’t done by hand. Click here for a breakdown of digital versus hand-painted portraits.

The pet portraits I create are all hand-painted just for you, inspired by a picture of your pet. I don’t use any digital media or printing, just good old-fashioned paint on canvas.

Here are three reasons why my customers love to have a custom-painted pet portrait in their home:

#1: To memorialize a lost pet

Many of the portraits I create are of a dog or cat who has recently passed away. Hanging a custom portrait on your wall is a unique and memorable way to pay tribute to a pet that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I put a great deal of love and care into my paintings, and the medium I use ensures that the art will last for many decades to come. Your beloved friend may no longer be with you, but you’ll still have them by your side in the form of a cherished memento. 


#2: A gift for any pet lover

Of course, you can pay tribute to your furry family members any time! Pet portraits are fantastic gifts for dog and cat owners alike. Many of my clients will commission portraits for their friends or loved ones who have a special bond with their pet. Commemorating this bond on canvas is something that most pet owners would love, but rarely think to buy for themselves. 

That’s what makes a custom portrait the perfect gift for the dog-lover who has everything.

#3: It’s fun!


Do you ever really need a reason to buy art? It’s beautiful, unique, and just plain fun to have. And what better way to adorn your walls than with the faces of the four-legged family members you love? 

Bespoke from start to finish

The portraits I paint are not the only customized aspect of the experience I offer my customers. I put great pride into creating a unique and tailored experience for every pet owner or gift-giver who buys a custom pet portrait from me. 

Tell me all about your pet and how you imagine them on canvas—commission your custom portrait today.

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