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pet painter melissa smithHi, I am Melissa Smith, the Pet Painter. It all started with a department store shopping trip in 2005 where I laughed out loud after spotting a framed poster of “Major General Woof” by Massy and thought, “I could paint something like that of Dacs!”, my Chihuahua mix recently rescued at the pound. So I did! More requests came from friends and family which led me to build a pet painter website to take even more commission requests. I have found that being a pet portrait artist is my true life passion, especially capturing candid moments in time, in a cherished pet’s life.

“Our pets give us unconditional love and I am proud to have found a way to honor and commemorate them. The bond between pet and owner and the profound love people have for their pets truly inspires me, and there is nothing that gives me greater joy than my client’s reactions to their completed pet painting!”

I am a self-taught artist and now pet painter, originally from the beautiful countryside of Upstate New York. Raised on magnificent farmland there, surrounded by animals and nature, inspired me to become an adamant animal lover and influenced my creative passion. Besides painting and being obnoxiously a bit dog obsessed, I love reading, gourmet vegan cooking, crafting, and home DIY. I currently live in buy prednisone online for dogs with my husband, three daughters, and four rescue dogs.

pet painterI have a deep burden in my heart for the severe pet overpopulation problem in this country and am trying to make a difference by donating proceeds towards awesome pet rescue organizations doing amazing work. When you order your buy prednisone 5mg, you also make a difference in the lives of homeless pets when YOU CHOOSE a non profit pet rescue organization where to donate 10% of your pet painting order…just enter the name of the pet rescue on the buy prednisone online usa!