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Transform your pet’s photo into a cherished work of art! Hand painted with devotion & attention to detail, custom pet portraits from photos is a wonderful way to cherish our beloved pets & is a true memorial of the pets we once lost.

*By placing a custom pet portraits from photos order, you have agreed to the terms of the can i order prednisone online













order prednisone online canada

Order prednisone for pets, Cheap prednisone 20mg

(5×7 and 6×6 sizes can only contain 1 pet)

Subject Display Option *

(5×7 and 6×6 sizes can be head/shoulder only)

Canvas Layout Options *

Preferred Background Color *

Non-Profit Pet Charity to donate 10% proceeds *

(10% of your portrait order is donated to a pet rescue of your choice. Enter “No Preference” for us to choose one for you.)

Any special date painting is needed by? *


(Please include your pet’s name, breed, personality, special traits, etc.)

How did you hear about us?

Turn this order into a printable gift certificate?

(Check to be contacted to discuss gift certificate customization & delivery.)

Please upload a photo of your pet

(max file size 100 MB)

Additional pet photo 2

(max file size 100 MB)

Additional pet photo 3

(max file size 100 MB)

Additional pet photo 4

(max file size 100 MB)

SKU: C00001 Category: order prednisone for dogs

Because better pet reference photos translate to superior pet portrait paintings: 1. Shoot from pet’s eye level by sitting or lying on the floor. Try NOT to take the photo from above your pet as such photos are often disappointing. 2. Use natural lighting either outside or indoors by the light of a nearby window & avoid flash. 3. Get close to your pet and focus on their eyes. 4. Be patient. Have someone attract your pet’s attention behind you while you shoot or hold a treat in your hand close to the camera. Try making a high pitched tone or whistle to get them in an alert pose.

To view sample Pet Portrait Paintings from Photos, please visit the Gallery.