So I interviewed one of my pet portrait painting clients…

Love my repeat customers!!! Dona has ordered 5 custom pet portrait paintings from me… I just had to know what made her keep coming back so I can keep doing more of the same!

On the fence about ordering from me? Read Dona’s answers to these 7 questions below and perhaps it will change your mind 🙂


What made you decide to look into ordering a custom pet portrait painting?

I saw a picture that MelissaSmithArt had painted of my friend’s two dogs and thought it was great. My husband had a birthday coming up and I thought that a picture of our two cats would make a great birthday gift. He is more of a cat lover than I am! I am more of a dog lover! He really loved the picture and immediately had it framed! For him to do that so fast – I knew he really liked it.

What made you decide to select MelissaSmithArt as your pet portrait artist?

I used the same artist that my friend had used. Since then, I have had three more paintings done – of our two current dogs, past two dogs and my mother’s dog. My mother just loves her picture – she still tells me how much she loves it – It was a really good painting and captured mother’s dog perfectly.

What did you think of the process in getting you pet’s portrait painted by MelissaSmithArt?

The process is very user-friendly!!! And the way that Melissa sends updates on how the painting is coming along is really appreciated. Also, her suggestions as for the background colors has been exactly what was needed for the painting. I trust her judgment.

What was your favorite feature or aspect of MelissaSmithArt that you particularly liked?

Probably the fact that she keeps you in the loop as to how the painting is coming along and checking in with me to make sure I am satisfied with how the painting is coming along.

What is one area of improvement you would like to see be implemented by MelissaSmithArt?

Can’t think of one!!!!

How has having paintings of your pets made a difference in your life?

They hang just outside of our bedroom door – we have three pictures, the cats and the dogs [two paintings] We see them every morning and every night. Even though two of the dogs and one of the cats have passed, I still enjoy seeing them – reminds me of how much joy they brought us. They just make feel good. I have one more that I am going to see if she can do. The pictures of Misty are really ole – she died in 1993 so my pictures are old But we shall see if it can be done.

Is MelissaSmithArt something you would recommend to your friends?

Most definitely – I have already showed many people the paintings I have. And given out her information.

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