25 pet portrait paintings in 7 days!

…plus I learned how to paint with a dog in my lap! (now his fav warm spot to nap during the day)
All it took was about 15 lattes, 2 5 bottles of wine, a helpful, patient husband…and the encouragement from all my fans on social media to pull this task off in time for holiday shipment delivery. I really wasn’t sure I could do it losing the two weeks of work time prior due to a death in the family.
I owe a huge thanks to my wonderful husband for doing all the cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dogs (including one vet trip), and going to the art supply store for me time and time again and even after a dangerous ice storm!!! And just for his overall patience with me during this 7 day stint of doing nothing but painting! I couldn’t have gotten all this done without him.
I’d also like to thank everyone who ordered from me this holiday season… this has been my biggest one yet and I am so incredibly thrilled that you all chose me to create these very special holiday gifts for your loved ones! I’m truly honored to be a part of your holiday and only wish I could share with you in the reactions as the gifts are opened!!
Happy Holidays! Love you all!!!


2 thoughts on “25 pet portrait paintings in 7 days!”

  1. WOW!!!!! You are awesome….good job!!!! I have been checking out your work, the paintings are beautiful…..shall I make a chiropractor appointment for you???

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