I Heart Washi Tape!

Yes I know I’m the last person getting on board with this product craze… I’m actually okay with being the last to try or know about stuff. Less pressure that way. I don’t watch television, I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t read newspapers or even news online, I barely spend any time at all on social media either as busy as I’ve been lately. So, yeah, I kind of live under a rock… but it’s my “happy” hole in the ground and I’m quite comfy there! I figure, if there is anything important that I need to know, someone will tell me…. eventually!

But I’ve been seeing washi tape for a long time now online and even recently at office supply stores, and, sure I loved the looks of it, but I had no pressing reason to spend money on fancy printed tape. But recently I’ve been looking for ways to spruce up my pet portrait painting packaging.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m big into making less of an environmental impact and am a bit recycling obsessed. Going “green” with product packaging is also important to me and I’m very firm in not purchasing packaging materials. I reuse boxes from online purchases and papers and bubble wrap for use in shipping out painting orders. So far it’s worked out perfectly and, if I ever get shorthanded, my master-plan is to just hit up my neighbors!

It would be nice to make the packaging a bit prettier though while incorporating my brand, so I came up with this combo for wrapping up painting purchases: washi tape in patterns and colors to match my brand plus simple recycled paper. What do you think?

washi tape for pet art packaging


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