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22 thoughts on “How To Tighten Stretched Canvas”

  1. I have been painting for decades on panel and am just now returning to canvas, so I’m a bit rusty on canvas fine points. I just stretched a linen canvas and found the next day there were ripples all along the centers but not at the edges. I had stretched it pretty tightly with canvas pliers, so I was surprised at this. But I didn’t want to take the staples out and restretch because I had the grain nice and even and stretching just the middles would ruin that. I tried your trick with the mist and hair dryer et voilà! perfectly stretched! I am very pleased to have found such a quick and elegant hack. Thanks!

  2. Thank you. I have a painting that my mom had painted and somehow during transporting ot it had places that are stretched. I was afraid to do anything because it was painted on. Thank you for saving my mom’s painting.

  3. Thank you… I received a painting online from Pier1 that was Burlap on a wooden frame. It was loose and I didn’t want to return it. I read your suggestion and tried it. It worked great. The Burlap is now tight and it didn’t hurt the painting. Thanks so much.

  4. Thanks! Im new to painting and bought some canvases for a specific project only to find they were all loose. I was super sad since my budget couldn’t afford replacements, you’ve saved my project!

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